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Friday, June 16, 2023

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WordPress plugin : Increase leads, accelerate sales, organize your contacts, and better serve your customers.

You simply can’t grow your business without marketing, and HubSpot makes it easy to do just that. The HubSpot WordPress plugin allows you to manage contacts, follow leads, track conversions, build email newsletters, engage with site visitors via forms and chat, and more. The plugin integrates your site seamlessly with HubSpot CRM.

Additionally, the dashboard and analytics allow you to gauge how well your efforts are doing to continue making informed decisions while growing your business.

Why we recommend HubSpot

To grow your leads and customer base on your website, you need a plugin that smoothly syncs with a powerful CRM. The HubSpot WordPress plugin is the best tool for the job — it's easy-to-use, codeless, and completely free.

Easy contact management and lead tracking

CRM tools allow you to easily add your contact data and automatically record related business activities. Lead tracking is easy with automatic monitoring of calls, emails, appointments, and notes. You can also find the history of all the interactions made with your customers and leads, and you can use this data to subsequently create campaigns and thus close more transactions.

it is possible to store up to 15 million contacts and companies.

A simple and complete view of your sales pipeline

On the Hub Spot Sales Hub CRM, you can truly customize your upstream pipeline. After your setup, you find an up-to-date overview of your sales pipeline in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use dashboard. This allows you to generate detailed reports on the commercial activities of your company but also on the performance of your teams.

A strong point to underline: the creation of new transactions is done very quickly since HubSpot Sales Hub fills in most of the data automatically to save you time when you add a transaction from a contact card or from a business.

Automated email templates

You have the option to rely on automated email templates that can be scheduled at each stage of the customer journey. Your best-performing email templates can be easily personalized (contact first name, company name, etc.).

The advantage for you is that this option is available in one click on your inbox because the HubSpot Sales Hub CRM integrates with the main messaging services: Office 365 for Windows, Outlook, Gmail…

Plans tailored to business needs

  • From €41 per month (based on 2 paying users): removal of HubSpot branding and organization of the sales process with automation, e-mail support…
  • €414 per month (based on 5 paying users): managing your team's growth, ABM tools and automation, product management and quote creation with electronic signature, telephone support, etc.
  • €1,104 per month (based on 10 paying users): full platform customization, more advanced administrator controls, team support (sales analytics, conversational guides, predictive lead score, etc.)

The HubSpot Sales Hub CRM also has a free version of its software, which allows you to manage contacts, schedule emails, or create deal pipelines.

Pricing for the HubSpot Sales Hub CRM varies based on the number of users

You can also benefit from bundled offers that allow you to combine HubSpot Sales with other tools: HubSpot Marketing Hub, HubSpot CMS Hub… When several software are associated, all the data is automatically connected. 

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